About Us

I learned a new phrase in Kenya: ‘briefcase pastor.’ “What’s that?” I asked Dr. Dorris Ngaujah, the principal of Pan African School of Theology. “People dressed a suit, carrying a Bible in a briefcase calling themselves ‘pastor’, but having no church, no credentials, no training. They call themselves ‘pastor’ for the prestige it brings in this culture.”

Many of the pastors in Kenya are men and women of integrity, vision and training leading transformative ministries. Many others, unfortunately, are not. These others often pattern their church aspirations after the images and ‘trappings’ of large, highly visible ministries: big buildings, professional musicians, huge congregations, and spotlights on the Senior Pastor.

“Many Kenyan churches base their ministry on imitation; what the pastor sees on TV or internet is what he believes his ministry should be,” Wachira Ngamau observes about the state of the church in his country. “We need higher education—training about what the Bible really teaches and how to apply that teaching to transform and develop our communities.”

That’s the purpose of this program: to train up leaders in Kenya to transform Kenyan people with the gospel. We are looking for individuals, small groups, and church congregations to cooperate with a Kenyan leader/student to help him or her receive biblical training. For details of this education program, contact david.donaldson@iteams.ca